Rampart ***1/2


In the last few years it has been nice to have Woody Harrelson back.  There was a few years there where he was drifting in to oblivion.  But recently he has put together some great performances in “Zombieland”, “No Country For Old Men” and his Oscar nominated role in “The Messenger”.  Here he goes for broke as an all out corrupt cop who has no remorse for any of his actions.

The director and writer is Oren Moverman, who also wrote and directed Harrelson in “The Messenger”.  I am starting to look forward to his projects.  He is a raw talent who doesn’t seem to be afraid of dumbing down his subject matter for a wider audience.  He is unafraid to explore characters who are outside of the mainstream.

“Rampart” may not be new territory.  I found this material to be more effective in 1992’s “Bad Lieutenant”.   But the setting of L.A. gives us a refreshing look at similar scenes in a different type of atmosphere than that of New York.  The sun is always beating down, the characters always seem to be hot and sweaty.  Its almost like these people could blame their actions on heat strokes. 


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