Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ***


“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” is a lot more fun than the previews might suggest. It is also one of the only 3D films I enjoyed with the third dimension. I find that if a movie sets out to use 3D as a gimmick, I enjoy it a little more. When a movie with an engaging narrative is shown in 3D I find it distracting.

“Journey 2” is a sequel to 2008’s “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth”. Brendan Fraser is replaced here by Dwayne Johnson, who brings his own brand of humor to the franchise.

Here he helps his step son find a mysterious island where his grandfather may or may not of disappeared to. When they get there they discover an array of crazy beats and a dangerous landscape.

All of this was pretty fun and mindless. I enjoyed the computer effects, the action, and the humor. It was a good movie to watch after a winter of oscar hopefuls.

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