The Woman In Black ***


“The Woman In Black” is actually a pretty intense film. It is a classically made horror film that uses mood and atmosphere to scare us instead of assaulting us with an ear shattering soundtrack or straight torture porn. This movie took me back to horror movies of the 1950’s.

The basic story involves Daniel Radcliffe, fresh off his final appearance as Harry Potter, occupying a haunted house in the English country side. Why he is there is not really that important.

The house itself is is a character in the movie. It is perfectly creepy. Every room looks aged and decrepit. There are tons of ominous objects and statues that suggest something supernatural could be living there.

Now the first act of the movie had me a little worried that this movie was going to resort to false scares. But then things get really cranked up when the actual demons start to fire up.

As for Daniel Radcliffe, I don’t think this role has really helped him break out of the boy wizard role. His role is essentially Harry Potter in a sort of horror movie spin off. He needs to take on something completely different. He is good on the role and keeps our attention but doesn’t make the role his own.

I hope this movie is successful because the horror genre needs some new life. It has been dominated by torture porn and found footage movies for too long now.


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