Chronicle ***


“Chronicle” was not on my radar until it landed at the top of the box office during it’s first weekend in theaters. It was a bit of a surprise to industry watchers everywhere. It made the director, Josh Trank, a hot commodity.

The story follows a trio of students who find a mysterious being in an underground cavern. After touching it they find themselves developing telekinetic powers which then turns in to the super strength and the ability to fly.

At first they use these powers to play pranks and get popular but things get complicated when the least outgoing kid of the three starts to become angry and depressed towards his father and others who bully him.

The movie is another entry in the found footage genre, where everything is told from the point of view of the characters as they hold camcorders. Not my favorite style of storytelling but I did enjoy how the final battle was displayed. Footage from cell phones and news cameras are edited together rather brilliantly to give us many different points of views, making an epic battle like this pretty fresh to look at.

I did enjoy this movie quite a bit. I just wish that it was told more as a straight forward narrative than from a hand held camera.


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