The Grey ***1/2


“The Grey” is a different kind of thriller than I was expecting. The ads displayed the movie as a sort of “Taken” style thriller where Liam Neeson fights some sort of mutated wolves. Unsuspecting movie goers expecting that style of movie are going to be disappointed. This is a gritty, edge of your seat thriller about survival in a baron and cold landscape.

The film starts with one of the most frightening plane crashes ever put to film. The sound effects in this sequence alone had me terrified. The plane is transporting a group of guys who work in camp in a remote area of Alaska. Liam Neeson’s character is on board and he specializes in sharp shooting. He provides a kind of protection for the camp from dangerous threats from the surrounding wild.

After the crash, he finds himself leading the survivors as they trek through the harsh wilderness, battle starvation and the freezing cold. They also must survive the constant threat of a wild pack of wolves that are hungry.

The director of this film is Joe Carnahan. He started his career with the great “Narc” but has stumbled recently with awful movies like “Smokin Aces” and “The A-Team” remake. Here he gets back to telling a raw story about specific characters without letting them get overwhelmed by the action and visual effects.


One response to “The Grey ***1/2

  1. “The film starts with one of the most frightening plane crashes ever put to film.” – Ugh, yes. That part made me feel so bad.

    I had no idea the director had also done The A-Team. That movie and The Grey are so different in mood, style and theme!

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