Man On A Ledge **


“Man On A Ledge” has an intriguing premise but it is too predictable and has a few performances that seemed pretty weak to me.

Sam Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, a man convicted of stealing a very expensive diamond from a rich man played by Ed Harris. Cassidy says he was setup, but is found guilty in court anyway. He manages to break out of custody and climbs out on the ledge of a hotel, seemingly ready to commit suicide. But he has a scheme to prove his innocence. I won’t go in to details and ruin the surprises.

My issue with this film is that I guessed all the surprises as they happened. I knew exactly who was the real antagonist and how everything was going to play out. There are also too many cliches such as which wire to cut? Gee will they cut the wrong one?

The performances were mostly good. Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, and Edward Burns played things pretty straight and kept my attention. Unfortunately I found that Elizabeth Banks was completely out of place and never convinced me that she was a real hostage negotiator.

I like thrillers like this when they work. Sure the plot is far fetched but we go to the movies to see stories that are far fetched. I just found that the writer and director really had nothing new to add to the genre and instead relied on tired plot devices and cliches too much.

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