Contraband **1/2


“Contraband” is a pretty straight forward action movie that is interesting to watch because of the sharp performances but really started to lose me in a convoluted plot.

From what I could tell, Mark Wahlberg’s character used to be a smuggler until he went legit in to the security business. Seems like a strange choice of profession and i’m guessing that his clients don’t really do background checks but whatever. His brother in law is still in the crime business and gets in to debt to a ruthless criminal played by Giovanni Ribisi. This leads him to do one last job to pay off this debt. So far this was pretty cliched but easy to follow.

From there I started to lose track of characters who seemed to come and go without any importance to the plot.

I imagine this material as a starring vehicle for Jason Statham not Mark Wahlberg. It has the same sort of low budget production values and I don’t mean that in a negative way.


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