We Bought A Zoo **


It has been a long time since the last Cameron Crowe film and maybe thats why this one is extra disappointing. I was surprised with the amount of corny sentimentality there was in this movie.

Matt Damon plays Benjamin, a journalist whose wife passes away just as he finds himself unable to adapt to the changing times within his profession. So he packs him his children and buys a zoo, much to the dismay of his brother played by Thomas Hayden Church.

Seems unlikely to me but this is a movie. What really bothered me was how the screenplay was so straight forward with everyones emotions. There was no subtly. Everyones issues and problems are worked out with almost no emotion.

The last third of the movie really goes over the top with the cliches and mechanical plot devices.

Cameron Crowe is responsible for some of my favorite movies but in recent years he seems to be losing his touch. His last film, “Elizabethtown” suffered from the same sort of problems that “We Bought A Zoo” does. It does have an awesome soundtrack though.


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