Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ***1/2

“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is a superbly crafted spy thriller from director Tomas Alfredson, who directed the amazing vampire movie, “Let The Right One In”. Here he avoids attacking the audience with mindless action and obvious characters and gives us a brooding study of a series of shadowy figures high up in the British intelligence agency MI6.

The cast includes Gary Oldman, Toby Jones, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Colin Firth and Mark Strong. Each plays a possible double agent. Oldman is assigned the task of flushing out the mole. His task is not easy as he begins to put together a seemingly endless puzzle, piece by piece.

We follow Oldman as he traces leads and tracks down sources. This involves a series of scenes set in sealed rooms, dark and shadowy city streets and secret offices. One of the delights of this movie is the atmosphere that has been carefully created in every set, location and every off beat camera locations. I always felt like I was in a place I shouldn’t be.

I have seen this movie twice now and I’m still not sure I have figured it all out. Each viewing reveals more information about the character and the story. Even after its over I found certain things lingering in my mind. This is a movie that will challenge audiences who prefer to be spoon fed a plot.


One response to “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ***1/2

  1. With so much information being thrown at us, I wish that there was much more time for all of it to just sink in but I liked the fact that the film made you pay attention to every little detail as this story just kept building and building. Everybody here in this cast is great too, especially Oldman who perfectly brings this flick together. Good review.

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