The Sitter *


“The Sitter” is an awful experience of a movie. There are almost no laughs at all. I watched most of this movie in an awkward state of shock.

The director is David Gordon Green, who started by directing some of the most poetic movies I have ever seen. 2011 on the other hand has been a year to forget for him. With this movie and “Your Highness”, someone in the industry needs to stage a career intervention.

Jonah Hill can also forget about movies like this after giving such a great performance in “Moneyball”. Here he plays a guy you would never ever trust with your children. He takes them on a mission to pick up cocaine for his girlfriend so that she will have sex with him. Along the way they meet some truly sleazy people, including a creepy drug dealer played by the invaluable Sam Rockwell.

I have just about had my fill of movies that feature kids who drop f-bombs, act like stereotypes and end up learning life lessons. “Kick-Ass” also comes to mind.

Who is this movie aimed at? I consider myself to have a very dark sense of humor but even I could not find anything here that was remotely funny.


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