A Dangerous Method ***


“A Dangerous Method” is the latest film from director David Cronenberg. The story is based on the turbulent relationships between Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), founder of analytical psychology, Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen), founder of the discipline of psychoanalysis, and Sabina Spielrein, initially a patient of Jung and later a physician and one of the first female psychoanalysts.

I will admit that I was surprised by this film.  It is one of the only Cronenberg movies that is mostly conversational.  There are many scenes that are played out with just dialogue.  Fassbender and Mortensen are on screen together for some lengthy discussions about their lives and their patients.  It is interesting to see how they choose their words almost as a game of chess.

This is a movie that I will have to see a second time.  I was not expecting it to go so deep in to the history of analytical psychology.  It is an interesting film that immerses us in the time period just before the first World War. 


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