The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 ***


Well I have finally been won I over by a “Twilight” film. “Breaking Dawn: Part One” is the best of the series so far. That is not really saying much mind you as so far the series has been fairly forgettable.

This time we finally abandon the sub plot involving whether Bella will go with Jacob or Edward. The film opens with the wedding of Bella and Edward then goes right into their honeymoon. This is where things get weird and twisted. Edward gets Bella pregnant, which seems strange to me considering he is undead. Is his sperm still mortal?

Eventually the pregnancy starts progressing at an incredible rate. After a few weeks she is almost ready to give birth. If you are wondering if the baby will be human or vampire I think the fact that It starts feeding off Bella’s insides should answer that. Soon after she is drinking blood through a straw.  Only thing that would have made that more entertaining is if the blood was in a big gulp cup.

Then comes one of the most messed up delivery scenes I have ever witnessed. The baby starts eating its way out of the womb. When Bella’s life is threatened, Edward finds he must bite his way in. Then to save her life he user plunge his vampire serum right in her heart with a massive syringe. Thank you Tarantino.

This latest entry is directed by Bill Condon, the director of films like “Kinsey” and “Dreamgirls”.  I will admit that he does an admiral job of making the film feel large scale.  He gives the images on screen great color and poetry.  For once we feel like we are watching an actual motion picture as opposed to a long series of dreary events. 


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