J. Edgar **


The latest film from Clint Eastwood is no where near the success he has had with some of his recent movies. This is a long, dreary film with an unfocused story, unconvincing make up effects and some awkward performances.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays J. Edgar Hoover, the first and longest serving director of the F.B.I. We get glimpses of some of the most important moments in his career including the Lindbergh baby case, the man hunt of John Dillinger and his ascent to the top of the bureau. DiCaprio does an admiral job with the role but the make up effects depicting him as a 70 year old man are unconvincing and distracting.

Armie Hammer is fairly good here as Tolson, his life long partner and friend. I was surprised to see how deep in to their relationship that Eastwood ventured and I kind of wished that it was maybe the sole focus of the film. Instead he kind of drifts from time period to time period without really connecting the dots.

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