Paranormal Activity 3 ***

Paranormal Activity 3

“Paranormal Activity 3” is pretty much more of the same but it is definitely an improvement from the second entry.  After the first sequel took the same formula and went over the top with it, I figured that this third entry could wait for DVD before viewing it.  How wrong I was.  It has some genuine scares.

The plot I will not go in to as it is just a setup to put more cameras around the house and film strange occurrences that go on during the night.  This time the creators go back to the original by building up to some of the bigger scares as opposed to just going full throttle every night. There is a moment where a white sheet is used by a paranormal presence that will stick with me for a long time. 

I can see this series going on and on sort of like “Saw” did when it was popular.  The trend will run out after they stop pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars.  For now the best we can hope for is that each one has a few moments that can truly scare us.


One response to “Paranormal Activity 3 ***

  1. Best Movie Ever(:

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