The Ides Of March ***

1073389 - IDES OF MARCH

“The Ides Of March” is one of those movies that seems like all build up with no pay off. It tells an interesting story, builds up relationships and conflicts then sort of ends.

This is the fourth picture that George Clooney has directed but not his best. It is almost like he is working with half a script.

The story follows the presidential campaign of Mike Morris (George Clooney). Ryan Gosling plays Stephen Meyers, the mastermind behind Morris’ campaign. Philip Seymour Hoffman is Paul Zara, Morris’ campaign manager.

Other players include Paul Giamatti as Tom Duffy, a rival campaign manager, Marisa Tomei as a reporter and Evan Rachel Wood as an intern working for the Morris campaign. The cast is one of the strongest of the year.

The broad strokes of the plot follow a potential sex scandal but I was more interested in the inner workings of a campaign. My problem is that it ends right when it gets cooking. I wanted to see where all these characters ended up further down the line.

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