Our Idiot Brother ***1/2

I can’t believe this movie got such an awful release date and “The Change-Up” got such prime real-estate.  This is a sweet little comedy about a rather charming character played by Paul Rudd.  He isn’t so much an idiot as he is painfully honest.  I guess his sisters find this trait to be idiotic because it certainly does not fit any of their life styles.

Rudd is the heart of this movie.  He is such a nice guy that he tries to help a uniformed cop with his back pains by selling him weed.  Yes, a uniformed cop.  Of course he is busted and does a little jail time.  When he gets out he finds that his girlfriend has moved in with another man and he has no choice but to move in with his sisters played by Zoey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks and Emily Mortimer.

Deschanel is a bisexual hipster who lives with her girlfriend played by Rashida Jones.  Banks is trying to get a job at Vanity Fair by chasing after a big celebrity scandal.  Mortimer is the oldest sister.  She is married to Steve Coogan, a documentary filmmaker who is cheating on her with the subject of his film. 

They are all good people in their own ways but their flaws are always exposed around Rudd who is uncompromising in his truthfulness. Rudd is so loveable here that I wanted to take him in to my own home and help him out. 

The movie is directed by Jesse Peretz and written by Evgenia Peretz and David Schisgall.  Together they weave a funny little slice of life that we can all identify with.  This one was a real treat that got lost in the parade of raunchy summer comedies. 


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