Fright Night ***


“Fright Night” is yet another totally unnecessary remake. It is one of the better ones I have seen which is the good news. Director Craig Gillespie resists the temptation to try to give it a serious tone or cram it full of overblown visual effects. Instead he gives us a funny, sometimes freaky story about a teenager who discovers his neighbor is a vampire.

Colin Farrell takes the role of Gerry the vampire. His performance is effectively creepy. Anton Yelchin plays the teenage neighbor who begins to suspect that Gerry is bringing home dates and drinking their blood.

What I appreciated about the film is how much the director was able to refrain from going overboard on effects and instead focuses on a character driven story. I also appreciated seeing actual gore in a movie about vampires as opposed to the vegetarian blood suckers we have been subjected to in Twilight.

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