The Change-Up *

Change Up

“The Change-Up” is and ugly and unfunny movie.  It made me feel gross watching it.  A summer of great comedies has come to a stop with a  thud.  I have to admit that I was looking forward to this movie.  It has a great cast and even though body switching comedies have been done countless times there is always room for one more.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are the main guys who switch bodies.  Bateman is a family man whose routine with the babies involves getting liquid poop in his mouth.  It is even less funny then it sounds.  Ryan Reynolds is the bachelor man child who has sex with pregnant women because it is low risk.  That is also less funny then it sounds.

After they switch bodies they go through the usual clichés that come with this type of film.  Reynolds must now try to land the big promotion at work as well as fix his marriage, all in Bateman’s body.  Bateman must repair his relationship with his dad and try not to nail hot girls all in Reynolds body. 

The result is a series of gross scenes involving bodily fluids, dirty sex (not in a good way), poop jokes, and pathetic melodrama. 

How did this movie even get made?  I can’t imagine that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman thought this script was funny.  How did they feel when shooting their scenes?  It is a shame when so much talent goes in to creating such an awful result. 


One response to “The Change-Up *

  1. LOL. i think i am the only person who kinda enjoyed this 🙂

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