Crazy Stupid Love **

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I do not quite understand how this movie went so wrong.  It has the talent behind the camera and in front of the camera but the story went so far away from reality that I simply gave up near the end. 

This movie was written by Dan Fogelman, who has penned the screenplays for a few animated films including “Cars” and “Tangled”.  The directing team is Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, whose debut film was the recent “I Love You Phillip Morris”, which was one of the best unseen films of 2010.  They also wrote the screenplays for such movies as “Bad Santa”, and “Bad News Bears”.  How they all came up with this mess of a film is beyond me.

In front of the camera we have Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Marisa Tomei.  This is a terrific cast.  I do not fault them at all.  Their performances are good, in fact they are the highlight of the film.  Gosling in particular is so suave that I think I might of gone home with him.

The story follows all these people as they all find themselves a fish out of water of sorts.  Carell is married to Moore and their marriage is headed for divorce.  He finds himself single for the first time in decades and is hopeless.  This catches the eye of Gosling, an apparent man whore who can swoon any young lady in to his bed.  This is until he meets Emma Stone, who manages to get him out of his shell.  Tomei plays the woman who falls for Carell’s goofy charms.

So far the movie was pretty good.  But then a series of coincidences takes place that expose some buried connections that all these people have with each other.  I will not specify what but I will say that only in a sad sitcom do you find these types of clichés and unrealistic surprises.  The final act of the film has the characters over coming their differences in the usual hallmark ways as I found wondering if the earth these people inhabited was some sort of cosmic joke, or was just a sloppy screen play?


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