Attack The Block ***

1132854 - Attack The Block

Where did this movie come from?  I heard a bit about it in the summer but it was gone before I could check it out.  Now I’m catching it on bluray and I got to say that it has more creativity and excitement then most of the blockbusters that were released so far this year.

Alien invasion movies are becoming a dime a dozen.  “District 9” was pretty good but it was followed by “Skyline”, “Cowboys and Aliens”, and the dreadful “Battlefield Los Angeles”. For the best movie of this type I have seen in recent years, seek out “Monsters”.  “Attack The Block” is pretty good too though.

Here is a movie that first gives us a new setting as opposed to watching space ships attack cities.  Here we get project housing.  The characters are local kids who are not exactly reputable.  The movie opens with them robbing a nurse on her way home.  They are interrupted when a meteors start raining down.  Eventually they are being chased by Aliens that are like a cross between the Critters, and furry bears.  Their teeth look like the color of a white tee-shirt under a black light.

The kids in this movie find themselves barricaded in their building, fighting these things floor by floor.  Eventually they must band together with a local drug dealer in order to survive.  This is where Nick Frost comes in, who was the only actor I recognized. 

The director is Joe Cornish makes his directorial debut here and shows a knack for exciting action and sharp humor.  His visuals aren’t mixed in a blender.  We are not simply hammered with ear piercing sound and chaotic images.  We can see the action clearly and follow it with ease. He also writes the script, which was my only gripe, as it could of benefited from more character development. 


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