Friends With Benefits **1/2


“Friends With Benefits” starts out as a razor sharp comedy that does for the romantic comedy genre what “Scream” did for horror movies. The main characters know how all the cliches work and actively try to stay away from them.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis play the main characters who are pretty sick of relationships and decide to just be friends with steamy benefits. Their dialogue cuts right through the heart of most romanic comedies and exposes them as the frauds they are.

Timerlake and Kunis are both coming off of Oscar winning films. They are both great actors who I think have a great future ahead of them. Here they are aloud to simply have fun with their roles.

My issue with the film is that after lampooning all the cliches the film falls right in to them in the third act. Do you think they will actually fall in love? I was hoping that they wouldn’t. Not because I am evil but simply because it would have kept up the originality of the story.

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