Transformers: Dark Of The Moon ***


“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is a pretty awesome movie.  The best of this series actually, which is not saying much to most people considering that I am one of the few who actually liked “Revenge of the Fallen”.  This time the stakes and the action are even more epic, but the one thing holding this series back still has not been remedied with this third instalment: a script without idiotic dialogue.Well I for one have given up waiting for  a serious script and have decided to just accept this series as big budget, goofy fun.

Michael Bay is once again at the helm and delivers some large scale battles using the latest in CGI.  He also does not hold back on destroying buildings and supplying is with massive robot battles. 

My only question is why do his characters have to talk and act like buffoons?  John Malkovich and Frances McDormand join the cast and instead of giving this film acting credibility, they are forced to portray their characters like cartoons.  But whatever, I guess we don’t attend a movie like this to appreciate the acting.  But just imagine this movie in the hands of someone like Duncan Jones or Neil Blomkamp.

My last comment will be about the 3D.  Yes this movie was shot entirely in 3D. I chose to see the 3D strictly because of James Cameron’s endorsement for this film.  I will admit that some of the 3D looked pretty cool.  I especially enjoyed when a special team dropped into the city from an airplane.  I recommend sitting in the back row for the best experience.  I am still convinced though that the format itself is unnecessary, distracting, and actually creates a smaller image in my opinion.


One response to “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon ***

  1. i sat near the ront and was nearly blinded by the exposions, in 3D. but i think that was its only asset–the action. but i haven’t seen the other movies.

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