Green Lantern **


What happened to Ryan Reynolds?  Was this not supposed to be his big year.  “Green Lantern” and “The Change-Up” were going to push him in to super stardom.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.  “The Change-Up” was devoid of good humor and bombed at the box office. “Green Lantern” was no where near as bad, but also didn’t perform to expectations and completely short changed the story. 

In an age when we have movies like “The Dark Knight”, and “Iron Man”, movies like “Green Lantern” really can’t simply rely on special effects.  There needs to be a human story as well as some interesting conflict.  Here we get wall to wall action all created by computers.  Most of it done well, but it all services a screenplay that has the complexity of a Chipmunks movie.

Here we get the outline of a super hero origin story, but it is treated as if something like this could happen to anybody.  The characters lack any wonderment or awe.  They simply accept these amazing things as if they are a scratch and win. 

Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a pilot who comes in to contact with a Green Lantern ring that basically gives him the power to create anything he wants.  Unfortunately this also automatically enlists him in the Green Lantern Corps who are a super hero group tasked with defending the galaxy, mostly from a large black mass with no rhyme or reason for existing.  Guess who will try to stop it when it reaches earth.

The only interesting character in this movie that I found was the shy scientist played by Peter Sarsgaard.  Wouldn’t you know it, he eventually becomes possessed by an alien piece of technology and becomes another villain for Green Lantern.  But after we get his back story and begin to learn about his rocky relationship with his senator father played by Tim Robbins, his characters fate is decided with a pretty lame confrontation with Green Lantern that lasts all of two minutes.

The director here is Martin Campbell who has given us two fantastic James Bond movies, one of which may be the best in the series, and a pretty amazing Zorro movie as well as it’s lackluster sequel. But for all the good movies he has been behind we have gotten an “Edge Of Darkness”.  You can tell when his heart is just not in it because when he is good he is great, but when his flicks fail, it is never an epic meltdown. 


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