X-Men: First Class **1/2

DF- 3306   Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender, left foreground) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy, right foreground) lead Cassidy (Caleb Landry Jones, left), Raven Darkholme (Jennifer Lawrence), Dr. Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne), Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), and Alex Summers (Lucas Till) in a battle to prevent nuclear war.

“X-Men: First Class” is yet another unnecessary prequel or origin story.  Once again I am baffled by why filmmakers keep insisting on telling stories that we already know the outcome to.  After the disasters that were “X3: The Last Stand” and the Wolverine movie, we get a prequel, which was the only way to keep milking this franchise as they killed off almost everyone in the last instalment.

The story follows Professor Xavier and Magneto as they meet in the 60’s and form the X-men.  They are played this time by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.  Both good actors who give terrific performances.  Together they have a common enemy in Sebastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon.    He is a mutant who can absorb massive amounts of energy and direct it towards anything.

What the problem is, and I have said it many times, is that in a prequel there is no tension because we know who lives and dies.  We also know that Magneto and Xavier will have disagreements and eventually become enemies.  There scenes together are extraordinary, and I wish they were in a different movie. 

The director this time is Matthew Vaughn, director of “Kick-Ass” and “Layer Cake”.  One of those films I fully appreciated and the other I did not.  One thing he needs to learn is how to shoot action sequences.  He seems to have joined in this new crop of directors who prefer visual chaos to actually putting together appealing movements we can follow. 

Now this not a terrible movie, it is just that we have been over all this ground already.  It is unnecessary.  I can’t believe I am going to say this but this series needs to be rebooted.  Start from scratch.  And for crying out loud leave Magneto out of it.  Introduce Apocalypse or Omega Red!  I would look to see a kick ass version of the Archangel and the horsemen.  Introduce Gambit and give him a better role, as well as following Rogues actual story line.  Maybe one day.


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