The Hangover II **1/2

The Hangover 2

What a disappointment this turned out to be.  To make a successful sequel, one must come up with fresh and original ideas.  The failure of the “Hangover II” is that it simply cuts everything that made the original film great and pastes it in to the sequel.  I mean that literally.  Everything is the same except for the locations.  Be warned that this review has tons of spoilers.

Everyone is back from the original film.  So how do Stu, Phil and Alan black out and wake up after a night of crazy partying?  Alan drugs them yet again.  This time they wake up in a seedy hotel in Bangkok.  This time Stu is getting married and they have lost his bride’s little brother.  All that is left of him is his finger. So they embark on a journey through Bangkok trying to piece together the previous night. 

This time the group doesn’t seem inspired at all.  They are simply going through the motions.  Almost all the jokes seem forced or rehashed from the first movie.  I did admire how far this film went in terms of being a mainstream comedy but I just wish that the script was more original. 

The first film was hard to top.  I put it on my top ten list of that year.  It was hilarious and it actually involved me in the story.  I am very saddened by the fact that they are simply trying to cash in by the success of the previous film. 


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