Bridesmaids ***


“Bridesmaids” proves that women can get drunk and act like morons just as much as men.  I don’t find too many chick flicks that are actually good but I guess the genre was waiting to be merged with a raunchy comedy.  Leave it up to producer Judd Apatow and director Paul Feig to be the ones who bring this together. 

Actress Kristen Wiig has been simply waiting to become a star.  For years now she has played hilarious supporting roles and memorable walk on moments but now is her time to shine and she makes the most of it.  She plays Annie, whose best friend is getting married and has asked her to be the maid of honour. 

Annie’s life is pretty much in a rut.  Her bakery went bankrupt, she lives with two invasive roommates, makes little money, drives a beater, and is stuck in a self destructive relationship with a man who thinks of her as a friend with benefits.

The bridesmaids are a mix of rowdy and straight laced.  My favourite was Melissa McCarthy as Megan.  You might recognize her from the show “Mike and Molly”.  She is pretty fearless in some pretty raunchy situations. 

Not only is the movie funny but it is very heartfelt.  Most movies that are aimed at female audiences seem to want to create these generic plots where the characters must go through all the clichés in the book before they reach the happy ending.  “Bridesmaids” is driven by the personalities of the women.  The characters have funny and smart dialogue. 



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