The Beaver **


“The Beaver” is a hard movie for me to wrap my head around.  Mel Gibson plays a thoroughly depressed man who seems capable of doing harm to himself and those around him.  His wife, played by Jodie Foster, is at her breaking point as well.  But he finds his sanity is pulled back from the brink of disaster by a Beaver hand puppet.  Yes you read that right.
In a way the premise reminded me a bit of “Lars and the Real Girl”.  In that movie a reclusive man played by Ryan Gosling uses a life size love doll as a gateway back into society. That movie was oddly sweet and endearing.  “The Beaver” is not.
I think I simply found that The actual Beaver caused some awkward laughs during some crucial emotional moments. It’s almost as if Jodi Foster, who also directed by the way, just could not find the right balance for the overall tone of the picture.
The actors give strong performances here, it is just too bad we couldn’t lose the Beaver.


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