Scream 4 ***


It has been eleven years since the last “Scream” movie.  Now we get a fourth instalment.  Was it really necessary?  Probably not, but at least it is not a remake or a reboot.  Amazingly it continues the central story that started in the original movie.  The series was made famous by featuring characters that knew they were in a horror film and tried to use their knowledge of the genre to survive.  This time they realize they are in a possible reboot and act accordingly.

Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox all return to their respective roles.  It has been fifteen years since the original so they are not teenagers anymore just survivors who try to mentor a new crop of teens who are suddenly at the mercy of a sadistic killer.  That’s right, someone new is dressing up as Ghostface, and is butchering high school students.  My favourite part of this series has been trying to guess who the killer is.  This time every time I thought I had it nailed down, that character was stabbed to death.

Wes Craven returns as the director and puts together a pretty slick thriller.  Sure it is far from original, but it is pretty fun from start to finish.  I was glad that it was not watered down for a PG-13 rating.  The killings are all vicious and brutal, as they should be.  It is nice to see something that is not simply torture porn or a lame remake. 


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