Rio **1/2


“Rio” is bright, colourful and harmless entertainment.  It is not in the same league as anything from Pixar, but it has it’s moments.  Kids will be entertained by it I think, but personally I found it a little on the boring side.

The story is about a Macaw named Blu who lives in Minnesota with his owner, Linda.  The two head to Rio so that Blu can mate with the sole remaining female Macaw named Jewel.  Together they escape and embark on a journey through the jungles and streets of Rio De Janeiro. 

The audience I saw it with really seemed to like it quite a bit but for my money I didn’t find it as engaging as I would of liked.  The animation is quite stunning, especially the details that went in to creating the city itself.  I could not tell the difference between a live action shot and an animated shot of the city. 


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