Insidious ***1/2


I saw “The Woman In Black”, which reminded me that I had not written anything about “Insidious” yet, even though I saw it months ago.  Why I was reminded of this movie is because they were both horror films that refrained from over the top gore and got back to basics. 

“Insidious” managed to frighten me almost all the way through.  It is a low budget horror film about a little boy who seems to have attracted some seriously destructive demons.  Now I mention that it is low budget because I find that when a creative director is working with limited funds, he is forced to be patient and build up actual suspense and fear instead of just hammering the audience with startling sound effects and body parts.

The director her James Wan, who directed the first “Saw” film.  That might lead you to believe that everything I just described was a rouse and that this is actually a torture porn film.  That is not the case.  It is almost like he has seen what that franchise has become and has woken up to what horror movies can truly be.

The basic outline of the story is routine and the ending gets a little out of hand but everything leading up to it will scare the pants off most people.


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