Sucker Punch **


“Sucker Punch” is all style and no substance.  Director Zack Snyder writes and directs a film that simply wants to be a series of show downs done with flashy style and break neck pace. 

The story involves a group of young girls in the 1920’s who are planning to break out of the mental asylum they are trapped in.  When each phase of their plan is being executed, we are transported to a fantasy world that seems to be a metaphor  for each specific event.  This involves a show down with demonic samurai giants, battling zombies, and giant dragons.

Each sequence is executed without visual grace.  Instead we are hammered with special effects and chaotic action sequences.  The movie is all sound and fury and it is a pretty unpleasant experience.

Zack Snyder is a director that I like.  He hit a high point with “Watchmen” and “300”.  Now he seems to be forgetting that those movies had a clear story and characters we cared about.  


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