Red State *


I am always interested when a good director tries to stray out of his comfort zone and try something new.  When I heard that Kevin Smith was going to try his hand at a horror movie I was instinctively excited.  So far he has stayed pretty much in the comedy department.  I have loved some of his films and and disliked others but I am always excited for his next project because he is an original talent.

“Red State” is his first horror movie.  What a disaster it is.  It has been a while since a film has rubbed me the wrong way like this one did. Some scenes go over the top, others are tedious and long, some make no sense at all, the performances are bad and the dialogue is painfully awkward.

I will leave you to discover the plot for yourself.  It involves religious nuts who kidnap and torture sinners.  I have no problem with that when it is done in a way that is chilling and suspenseful. 


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