The Adjustment Bureau ***

Adjustment Bureau

“The Adjustment Bureau” is a much more complex and intriguing movie then the previews have been suggesting. I walked in expecting a Jason Bourne style chase thriller starring Matt Damon and walked out having had a totally different experience.

The story follows a Congressman named David Norris (Damon), who runs a promising but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for United States Senate. While rehearsing his concession speech in a hotel bathroom, Norris meets a woman (Emily Blunt) hiding in a stall. The two share a surprisingly enjoyable conversation, ultimately leading to a kiss. Inspired, David goes off script and delivers a stark and honest speech, which is extremely well-received.

This leads Norris in to contact with an organization that claims to be in control of everything.  They operate behind the scenes, making sure that everything happens according to their carefully laid out plan.  They seem to be able to move through the city using teleportation.  Who they are and what they represent is never fully explained but there are some serious biblical themes that are present.

They claim that Norris and Elise, the woman from the bathroom stall, must not form a relationship because it would destroy both of their futures.  Each is destined to go down very different paths.  This begs the question of whether things in the universe happen according to a preordained destiny or if life is simply a series of random occurrences.

Now I wish that this movie had explored these ideas with a little more depth and followed them to a more complex conclusion instead of boiling down to a series of chase sequences.  But the movie is way more entertaining then I thought it was going to be.


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