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Liam Neeson is pushing 60 years of age yet he is now starting to take on action hero roles.  He has found success recently with movies like “Taken”, which I liked, and “The A-Team”, which I did not like.   Seems odd after years of more dramatic fare to find him suddenly kicking ass and taking names.  This time he finds himself caught in a convoluted plot.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra has a good eye for action and gets good performances from his actors, but he is working with a screenplay that that is like a bad combination of “Frantic” and “Bourne Identity”.  Here the story doesn’t really add up in the end. 

Neeson plays a man who wakes up to find his wife does not know who he is and there is another man who has assumed his life.  He tries desperately to get anybody to believe him but he has no ID and is not in his home country.  Eventually he begins to piece together a few things, gets in to a few fights and a car chase and alas, we arrive at a fairly absurd ending.  Nothing really new here at all.

The production values here are high, the actors all give solid performances, especially Neeson once again, but the story suffers from a lack of creativity.


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