Just Go With It 1/2*


“Just Go With It” is one of the most disturbing comedies I have seen in a while.  Now I know that Adam Sandler simply gets destroyed by critics and bloggers and what not but I have always loved the man’s humour.  Ever since the days of SNL and “Happy Gilmore”.  Yes he has made some awful movies but I will see anything with him in it.  I thought he should have been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in “Funny People” but that is another story.  I was not a big fan of “Grown Ups” from last year but it was no where near as wrong as this movie is.

The plot involves a plastic surgeon, played by Sandler, who wears a wedding ring to score with girls even though he is not married.  Apparently women find a married man so attractive that they just have to sleep with him.  Some how that did not quite sit right with me.  Could this be true?  Do women want a one night stand with a guy because he is married?  I feel like that is not how it would work. 

Anyways it is just a movie so I just went with it, as the title suggests.  After a montage of sleeping with random women, Sandler finally hits it off with a 22 year old girl named Palmer.  Miraculously they fall in love at first site and immediately have sex on a beach.  In the morning she finds his fake wedding ring in his pocket and assumes he is married causing her to storm away in anger.

This is where he decides to lie to her and tell her that he is getting a divorce.  Why tell a lie that is obviously going to lead to many more lies instead of just telling the truth?  The answer is because there would be no movie in he told the truth.  The amazing part is that Palmer, the bombshell he is chasing is dumb enough to believe this, only if she can meet his soon to be ex wife. 

That’s where he enlists the help of his assistant at work played by Jennifer Aniston.  Amazingly enough, after listening to his stories of deceiving women for years, she agrees to help him out on this one, even bringing in her children to pose as his own children.  At this point I was ready to call child services.  What kind of a single mom would encourage her toddler children to pose as someone else’s kids so that a guy can get laid?

Soon the story shifts over to Hawaii with the same characters simply so that we can include some nice scenery in to the story.  It is here where some of the most disturbing moments in this film take place.  At one point Sandler is playing a board game with the kids when the little boy actually professes his sadness at the fact that his real father does not spend any time with him.  Sandler then proceeds to yell at the kid for breaking character and almost ruining the whole rouse!  At this point I could not take it anymore.  These children are going to be damaged for life for sure. 

How does a movie like this get made?  It can only happen in the land of fiction.  Women are not stupid.  Most women anyways.  Only a brain dead idiot would fall for the unbelievable scenario the Sandler character creates.  And how shallow is this man?  Do the filmmakers actually believe most women would be willing to break up a marriage just to have their way with a married man?  Would any women stand by a man’s side and support this life style?  What is the world coming to!?!?


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