The Mechanic **


“The Mechanic” has one of the most basic action plots out there.  A hired gun must kill his boss, only to turn around and train his son to get revenge.  The assassin is played by Jason Statham, who is no stranger to playing this type of role and the kid he trains is played by Ben Foster. 

Everything follows a formula.  The master first tries to convince the apprentice that this job is wrong for him.  Eventually he agrees to train him after the apprentice vows to take on the job with or without his guidance.  His first job goes completely wrong and ends in a bloody mess.  Can you see where this is all heading?

Normally I could find this entertaining if the action was at least great but it is pretty lame if you ask me.  The director is Simon West, who has brought us some good action films in the past like “Con Air” and “The General’s Daughter”.  Lately he has sort of lost his way with this and “When A Stranger Calls”, which was simply awful. 

“The Mechanic” is well acted and it is efficiently made but the story is right off the shelf. 


One response to “The Mechanic **

  1. hmmmm…this will be a rental for me.

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