The Green Hornet ***


So I would have written my thoughts on this film a lot sooner if I had not gotten sick for like three weeks, moved in to a new place, and been planning a wedding.  Been a busy month.  “The Green Hornet” was some good escapist entertainment from this hectic time.  It seems to be getting some pretty harsh reviews but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

It is not among the best comic book adaptations I have seen but is a lot of fun.  Seth Rogen plays the main character and brings a lot of his broad humour and wit to the role.  Amazingly enough he is also convincing in the action scenes, although a lot of the action is handled by his side kick Kato, played by Asian martial arts star Jay Chou. 

Rogen plays Britt Reid, the son of a wealthy newspaper publisher played by Tom Wilkinson.  Britt has wasted his life partying and drinking but when his father dies unexpectedly he is forced to take over the family business.  Only problem is that business has not been booming as of late.  He decides to manufacture a story by turning himself in to a masked crime fighter.

His plan is sort of genius.  He will pose as a criminal in order to get close to the bad guys in order to take them down.  This brings him right in to the cross hairs of Benjamin Chudnofsky played by recent Oscar winner Christoph Waltz.  Waltz is a quirky Russian gangster who is more concerned keeping up a reputation that he is ruthless and violent then he is with actually running the criminal underworld.

All of this is brought together by director Michel Gondry, director of “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”.  He brings a quirky vision to this whole over the top affair.  He does have an eye for action scenes though, which I enjoyed seeing in 2D.  I have not seen this in 3D and I do not plan to. 



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