Season Of The Witch **1/2

Season Of The Witch

“Season Of The Witch” is no where near as bad as the previews would lead you to believe.  It is not really a good movie, but it is not boring at all. Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman ham it up accordingly but their performances alone can’t quite put this movie over the top.

The Plot has Cage and Perlman playing two warriors who are fresh from battling in the crusades, who are selected to escort a woman who is being accused of being a witch to a temple of monks who apparently can apparently confirm whether she has occult powers or not.

Along the way they will battle all manner of creatures, all created by computers.  There is lots of great scenery as well as the movie was filmed on location in Austria and Croatia.  Director Dominic Sena, who made “Kalifornia” a very long time ago, is an efficient director for this material but over all there is nothing really compelling that takes place.

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