Somewhere **


I am not entirely sure why I did not connect with “Somewhere”, the new film from Sofia Coppola.  It was getting rave reviews from almost everybody.  Myself I found it tedious and some what muted.  There is no substance at all.  I realize that this is the intent of the filmmakers but I just did not find it interesting at all. 

A lot of the same ground is covered in the much better film by Coppola, “Lost In Translation”.  Both movies follow an actor who has reached a point in their life where they are simply numb to everyone around them.  In “Translation”, we found Bill Murray traveling to Japan to film a commercial for Whiskey.  There he meets a lonely American girl played by Scarlett Johansson.  Their relationship was one of the most interesting I have ever seen. 

In “Somewhere”, we find ourselves following an actor played by Stephen Dorff.  The film opens with Dorff in a hotel room being entertained by strippers.  He falls asleep during the performance.  Even while awake he seems to be numb to the girls.  Eventually he is joined by his daughter after her mother takes off for an undisclosed amount of time.  From there we follow them as they head to Italy for an awards show, then back to America.  Wherever they go, nothing much really happens.

I found myself losing interest during extended scenes where the main characters watch strippers, play guitar hero, and wander aimlessly at parties.   I get what the story is supposed to be about but I think there is too much left unsaid. 

I look forward to Sofia Coppola’s next movie as she is one of the most gifted filmmakers working today.  This movie just did not do it for me.  I would not discourage people from seeing it themselves though.  Maybe I missed the point.  Let me know your thoughts.


2 responses to “Somewhere **

  1. interesting review. you know i think that’s how i felt sometimes watching Lost in Translation (though i liked that film better than i may like this one). Maybe it’s her directing style? in any case, this is on my to-watch list…DVD list

    • “Lost In Translation” was such a wonderful film. “Somewhere” was similar in story and tone but I just found the characters had no substance at all. Plus what was with the two extended stripper sequences!?

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