Little Fockers **1/2

Little Fockers

“Little Fockers” is no where near as bad as I had heard.  It is not quite as good as the earlier films, but is no where near a disaster as say “How Do You Know”. 

The story this time has Jack Byrnes, again played by Robert De Niro, deciding to appoint Greg (Ben Stiller) as the new head of the family.  He dubs him the Godfocker, but he soon begins to have doubts about this decision when he starts to suspect that Greg is having an affair.

Greg decides to show that he can lead the family by trying to get his children in to a good private school and by taking on a money making project involving a new type of Viagra.  Both have fairly comical results.

The only problem I had with this film is that nothing is really at stake here.  There are a few funny scenes but that is about it.  A lot of the same jokes that worked in the original film are rehashed here and are just not funny the third time around.

By no means is this the complete bomb people were saying it was but if you enjoyed the first two films you might be slightly disappointed.


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