How Do You Know *

How Do You Know

You know I watched this movie and “The Tourist” in the same evening.  This was not a good night for movies.  “How Do You Know” is one of the most painful tours through the rom com genre that I have ever seen.  What’s worse is that this mess cost over a hundred million dollars to put together. 

The talent in front of the camera and behind it are completely wasted with this movie.  It is hard to watch people like Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd standing in front of the camera like deer’s in head lights, reciting lame dialogue with no conviction or emotion at all.  The only person who manages to create a funny character is Owen Wilson. 

Behind the camera we have James L. Brooks, director of such films as “Terms Of Endearment”, “Broadcast News”, and “As Good As It Gets”, who also wrote the screenplay here.  I guess you can’t knock it out of the park every time but there is almost nothing that works in this movie.

I won’t even get in to the plot because it is so standard and basic that I am having a hard time even thinking of typing it out.  Everything is basically a setup for melodrama, many heart to heart conversations, break ups, and reconciliations.  Each character acts in a way that is almost impossible to accept as real human actions. 

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen some seriously bad films in my time.  “How Do You Know”, and “The Tourist” for that matter, should have been great films, but their failures will probably ruin the lives of better movies that could have been made. 


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