The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader ***


The new Narnia movie titled “Voyage Of The Dawn Treader”, is the third movie in the series and even though it is not the best so far, it is pretty terrific in it’s own right. 

The story this time finds only two out of our four children, returning to Narnia with their cousin.  Peter and Susan have grown up and moved on.  Edmund and Lucy are summoned back to help Prince Caspian track down the seven lords of Narnia.  This time they are brought back when a painting of a ship floods Edmunds bedroom, submerging them in to the world of Narnia.

When they arrive they are brought on board a grand ship called the Dawn Treader.  Most of the story takes place on this ship.  The Dawn Treader will be tested by dragons, sea serpents, and other creatures that intend it harm. 

Andrew Adamson directed the first two films and this time steps down in to a producing role.  Michael Apted takes over and creates a handsome production.  The effects, sets and landscapes all look lush and grand.  I enjoyed the fact that he relied more on character then letting his film become dominated by battles.

Will we get more Narnia films in the future?  Depends on the box office returns of this film I guess.  The second film took a bit of a hit and cost a mint to make.  This time the budget has been scaled back but I didn’t mind. Like I said, it allowed the director to focus more on the characters.  At two hours and forty five minutes this film never wears out its welcome. 


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