Tangled ***1/2


“Tangled” is a wonderful animated fantasy in the grand tradition of many of Disney’s classic animated films.  It is one of their first musical’s in recent memory and I found myself oddly missing this type of film afterwards.

Out of all the animated films I have seen this year I will say that this one has had the best settings.  The landscapes, towns and all the sets are simply wonderful.  Everything feels like a classic fairy tale.  Everything is set perfectly to tell the story of Repunzel. 

Repunzel herself is voiced by Mandy Moore, who gives a truly energetic performance.  When she is cooped up in her tower prison, you feel like her life force is being forced in to a small jar.  She is ready to break out and experience the world.  This is when she meets Flynn Rider, a free wheeling thief who hides in her tower to escape the authorities. 

When Repunzel was a baby, she was kidnapped by an evil woman who wanted to possess the magical healing properties in her hair.  She raised Repunzel as her own and kept her locked away with stories of a cruel world outside.  Repunzel is unaware that she was kidnapped and is actually the daughter of the King and Queen, who every year on her birthday, release thousands of floating lanterns in to the sky in her honour.  Repunzel sees them every year on her birthday and feels connected to them some how. 

When Flynn drops in her lap, she makes a deal to help him if he will take her to the source of the lanterns that she has felt a strong connection with all these years.

From there a grand adventure ensues that is full of dangerous enemies, fierce creatures and gorgeous landscapes. 

What is so refreshing about a Disney Fantasy is that they are not afraid to include creepy atmosphere and real danger.  Most animated films want to play it safe and stick to slap stick humour.  “Tangled” does not dumb down the story for the kids.  Todays children should not be treated like death and sadness do not exist.  “Tangled” is truly for all ages. 


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