Megamind ***


I liked “Megamind” quite a bit.  The story shares a lot of similarities to “Despicable Me” from earlier this year.  I preferred this movie myself to be honest.  The whole show works because of Will Ferrell’s performance as the title character Megamind.

The story will remind most people of the origin story of “Superman”.  This time the point of view is from the villain, who was raised in a prison.  His nemesis is the heroic Metro Man, voiced by Brad Pitt.  In an interesting twist Megamind seemingly destroys Metro Man in the first act of the film.   From there the story turns in to a romantic comedy of sorts as Megamind falls in love with a reporter and grows depressed from the idea that he has no one to do battle with.

This is certainly not the best animated film of the year but it is not the worst by any means.  The Dreamworks Animation crew seems fairly hit or miss.  For every “Megamind” and “How To Train Your Dragon” we get a dud like “Monster’s Versus Aliens”. 


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