Due Date ***

Due Date

“Due Date” is a movie that is all over the map.  It is a road trip, buddy, screw ball comedy, sprinkled with a little action and weed.  It is an odd mash up of spare parts from lots of movie genres.  It stars Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis as two men who are like a forces of nature.  When they are together things simply happen.  Expect the unexpected. 

Take for example the moment where Downey Jr. is under arrest by the Mexican border guards for trying to cross over stoned and in possession of drugs.  Galifianakis has fled the scene, literally as they pull up to the window.  How they get out of this predicament is probably the funniest set piece in the entire film. 

The director is Todd Phillips, who brought us last years smash hit “The Hangover”.  This time he does not quite rediscover the magic that made that film so great, but he does cobble together a fairly entertaining character study about two men who have some serious issues in their lives.

Downey’s character is a bit of an ass with no tolerance for stupidity whatsoever.  He is needs to get back across the country so as to not miss the birth of his first child.  Galifianakis is a wannabe actor with dreams of being on “Two And A Half Men”.  They meet on a plane and both end up on a no fly list after a hilarious misunderstanding.  Together they engage in a trip across America in the tradition of “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”. 

Now this film contains a lot of humour and a lot of rather shocking situations.  Lines are crossed that I did not think could be crossed but they were.  Thank god the creator’s did not play it safe.


One response to “Due Date ***

  1. i thought this was prety dran. i was disappointed in RDJ for his. i’m sure he’ll bounce back, but this just wasn’t it. i coudln’t wait for this to end.

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