Hereafter ****


“Hereafter” is probably the most tender and heartbreaking film you will see this year.  I certainly was not the film I was expecting.  The previews gave me a “Sixth Sense” vibe but the result could not be farther away.  “Hereafter” is an ensemble piece about a group of people who have conflicting beliefs about life after death due to extraordinary circumstances.

Matt Damon plays George, an American factory worker who may or may not be a psychic who can speak to the dead. This gift has taken an enormous toll on George’s life.  He once made a living off of it but has stopped in an attempt to lead a normal life.

Cecile de France plays Marie Lelay, a French journalist who survives a tsunami while on vacation.  She almost drowns and claims to have had a glimpse of life after death.  This causes issues with her professional life and sets her on a new path in life.

Frankie and George McLaren play a set of twin brothers named Marcus and Jason.  They live with their drug addicted mother in London.  After Jason is killed after getting stuck by a vehicle, Marcus begins trying to contact him in the afterlife. 

After what I have described you are probably thinking that these three story threads will some how come together in the end and I would be lying if I said that they didn’t.  I will say that the story comes to a natural conclusion which has surprises and twists but never feels forced.  The plot is pushed by the personalities of the characters. 

Clint Eastwood is such a wonderful director.  I know that sounds generic but I am struggling to find a better way to describe his talent.  He always tells a real story.  He seems so interested in genuine human emotion.  He doesn’t use flashy techniques but simply tells an honest story about real people. 


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