Let Me In ***1/2


I am one of the few people that did not want this film to get made.  The Swedish film, “Let The Right One In”, came out in 2008 and was an amazing film.  I am someone who has had just about enough of remakes, reboots, re-imaging and prequels.  Why do we need another version of a movie that we have seen before?  Especially two years after the original film came out.  Are people that lazy that they cannot read subtitles? 

So the film came out anyways and I can say that it is quite good.  Matt Reeves, the director, really captured everything that made the original film so good and translated it quite well.  He gets the mood and the look of the film almost perfectly.  He follows the story very closely.  He is also helped out by a stellar cast.

Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Owen, the main character who is brutally bullied at school.  Chloe Grace Moretz who most recently played Hit Girl in the vile comic book movie “Kick-Ass”, plays Abby, the child like vampire.  Elias Koteas plays a police detective who is investigating a series of cult like murders in the area and Richard Jenkins plays Abby’s protector.  The acting alone in this movie makes it worth the price of admission.

I did find myself getting quite caught up in the story again.  I cannot remember if the Swedish film ended the same way as this one but it certainly haunted me in a similar fashion.  The idea that this poor kid is now devoting his life to protecting a vampire until he is dead simply disturbed me. 

Now just because I enjoyed this film does not change my stance on remakes.  Unless the film was terrible the first time around, they are unnecessary.  I want to see original stories not something out of the recycling bin.



One response to “Let Me In ***1/2

  1. yeah remakes are very hit or miss but since he original is supposed to be even better, i’m lookingforward to watching it. i liked the remake.

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