Buried ***


“Buried” is quite an intense thriller. I didn’t think I could be on the edge of my seat for a movie that is shot entirely from the inside of a box but this movie pulls it off nicely. 

The film opens with Ryan Reynolds waking up inside of a coffin.  He has a lighter, a glow stick and a cell phone, the latter which are not his.  Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a US truck driver working in Iraq.  After initially not remembering what happened to him he gradually begins to piece together the story.  Paul’s convoy was attacked by insurgents shortly before he blacked out. 

He realizes he has a cell phone when it starts to ring.  It is the kidnappers demanding a ransom of 5 million dollars.  Paul is eventually able to contact the State Department, who pass him on to a group setup specifically made to find people who have been kidnapped.  I don’t really want to say more because I don’t want to ruin the surprises. 

I will mention one moment that caused me complete outrage.  At one point Paul’s employer actually calls him to inform him that he has bee n terminated and that his wife and child will be kicked off of his benefits.  They needed to record the conversation so that Paul understands that he is not covered anymore in case of his death.  My understanding is that they record it for the impending legal battle that will happen with Paul’s family.  Sadly this moment did not feel very far fetched.

Director Rodrigo Cortes must be some kind of genius.  He actually keeps our attention for a whole 90 minutes with nothing on the screen but a man inside of a box. 


One response to “Buried ***

  1. such a good, underrated movie. glad you liked it.

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