Going The Distance ***


Why was “Going The Distance” doomed to a late August release date? This movie is hilarious and pretty heart felt. It deserves to be a February or July movie where it can find a proper audience.

The story involves a lovable couple played by Justin Long and Drew Barrymore who have what they both think will be a one night stand. Due to the convenience of the plot, both characters just happen to be on the rebound. When they wake up in the morning they find that they actually enjoyed each others company. Only problem is that Barrymore is working in the city as a temporary intern and is moving across the country in six weeks so they both decide to have a commitment free relationship then part ways when she moves. Gee do you think they will fall in love? Turns out yes, and they decide to try a long distance relationship.

Movies like this are almost a dime a dozen but rarely do they contain characters we like and even more rarely are they given dialogue that isn’t’ simply there to push the plot along.

This movie deserved a much better fate and I hope it finds an audience on home video or netflix.


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