The Other Guys ***

The Other Guys

As much as I liked “The Other Guys”, a part of me couldn’t help but long for a time when movies like this actually told an involving story and contained real danger for the main characters.  “Lethal Weapon” and “48 Hours” come to mind right away.  These days buddy cop movies owe more to the spoof genre then anything else. 

The Other Guys” is hilarious none the less.  Will Ferrell gives a hilarious yet different type of performance as a cop who enjoys his desk job just a little too much.  Ferrell usually likes to go over the top but this time is quite restrained and intelligent.  His partner played by Mark Wahlberg is quite the opposite.  He is a hot tempered detective who is chained to his desk after an unfortunate shooting.  They idealize cops like those played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson, as they get in to car chases and shoot outs.  But there time is coming.

This is all directed by Adam McKay, who has collaborated with Will Ferrell on four movies now.  This is not their funniest film yet but it comes pretty close.  I have to say that he gets great chemistry out of his two leads as well as a funny performance from Michael Keaton who plays their captain. 

In a summer that is really lacking a truly hilarious comedy, “The Other Guys” delivers the goods.  But imagine what this could have been like if they upped the danger and gave us a story that we really cared about.


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